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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Pick of the Week: Best Free Crochet Flower Pattern

4 of the Best Free Crochet Flower Patterns Online

crochet roses from the dsign by naztazia 
I always appreciate the generosity of folks who post free crochet patterns and I thought I would like to acknowledge that with 4 of my favourite crochet flower patterns.

Since I learned to crochet I have gone on to design my own flowers but I still come back to these and many have inspired me to go on to create many of my own. I confess some of designs have been errors, sometimes I remember what I did, sometimes I don't.

I hope you enjoy these flower patterns and do let me know if you try them out.
finger knit necklace with crochet rose
Donna Wolf's rose on a finger knit necklace

#1 Best Crochet Rose Pattern

Top of the shop has to be roses I learned how to make from a YouTube video by Donna Wolf from

The tutorial is easy enough for a beginner to follow. I think you are meant to add stems but I never have. It adapts brilliantly to all sorts of yarn: the thinnest makes delicate little crochet flowers but I have made it with super chunky yarn to produce delightful corsages. I've used them to embellish scarves, hats and bags. I even used them on finger knit cords to tie up my Christmas presents - my friend's mother wears her as a necklace to keep her neck warm!.

Check out the video. Incidently she has many more flowers you can experiment with.

#2 Easiest 5 Petal Flower to make in 10 minutes

crochet flower
simple 5 petal flower from DaisyCottageDesigns
This simple flower is ideal for making up in a few minutes and for using up scrap yarn. It is from Daisy Cottage Designs and is just a chain and one row. I made this one from double knit yarn with a 5mm hook and a blind button.

It is easy enough for a beginner to master in no time at all and you can go on to make them in different colours and with different button in the center to change up the look.

You can find the pattern on her website and there are loads of other patterns to choose from. And you can follow her on pinterest. 

One warning, there is an automated ad on the site which is very annoying but since it is such a simple pattern you can shut it off really quickly.

5 petal flower form Daisy Cottage Designs

#3 Best Crochet Poinsettia Pattern

crochet poinsettia from flythecoopcrafs
At Christmas I searched all over for a poinsettia crochet pattern that I liked and eventually found this one on Fly the Coop Crafts. I used it as an embellishement on an festive neckwarmer, on a hat and I made one into a bookmark and used it on a present. 

Admittedly I just used the one layer but it is easy enough to add the green one. 

The instructions are clear and with photos, easy to follow so I highly recommend it. Thanks Em.
crochet poinsettia bookmark
crochet poinsettia as a bookmark
crochet neckwarmer with poinsettia flower
Crochet Poinsettia on a Christmas Neckwarmer

#4 Big Loopy Flower

big loopy crochet flower from allfreecrochet
This was actually part of a pattern on AllFreeCrochet for a Spring Cowl but I fell in love with it. Granted it took me a second or two to realise how it was working but the effect is fabulous and I will be making more of them. Sewing in all the ends is tedious but I am sure I can figure out how to minimize that in time. 

The actual pattern is from Posh Pooch Designs and is easy enough to follow if a little fiddly. Not sure a complete beginner will be comfortable with it. As an aside, the cowl needs more stitches than indicated unless you use a thicker yarn. I used double knitting and it made a very small cowl, just child's size really. 
crochet cowl with loopy flower

Spring Colors Crochet Cowl from poshpoochdesigns

These are just 4 of the great free patterns online. Keep visiting for more of my picks of the week. Happy Hooking.

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