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Monday, 16 February 2015

Get creative with this FREE knitting pattern for a simple bag or purse

How to Knit Bags and Purses in Garter Stitch 
One Pattern - Different Results

knitting garter stitch bags and purses
Knitted purses in garter stitch
Would you like to learn how to create great bags and purses? Here I show you how to make several purses or handbags using one simple knitting pattern.  You can easily make a smaller or larger one by adding or subtracting stitches. They are knitted in simple garter stitch - you knit every row - so are ideal for a beginner.  Change the appearance by the type of yarn you use and the type of decoration or buttons you use for finishing. Add a handle or lining as you need. Each bag uses only one or two balls of yarn and can easily be finished in one or two evenings.  Your only limitation is your imagination.  Be adventurous - experiment!

If you are new to knitting check out my BEGINNER KNITTING on how to cast on, how to garter stitch and how to cast off.

knitting: garter stitch knitted bags
Garter Stitch Knitted Bags

You will need: 

Any yarn
Appropriate knitting needles = check your label.
Yarn needle to finish off

Abbreviation Key

 The following abbreviations are used throughout the page:
 K = Knit
K2Tog = knit 2 stitches together to decrease

YO = yarn over needle to create a loop and a space for your button hole.

 Simple bag or purse: 
One Pattern - Different Results

knitting: bags and purses in garter stitch
Assorted garter stitch knitted purses and bags
All these bags, purses and handbags come from the same pattern, I have simply changed the sizes and the types of yarn used. Some of them have knitted handles and some are fastened shut with buttons.

Adapt the size of the bag by adding or subtracting to the number of stitches used in the pattern. You can make one small enough to fit in a handbag or large enough to take all your supplies. The only thing I would say is that if you want a really large bag, use a double strand of yarn as they can stretch if you put heavy loads in it. You may also need to line the larger bags with material to strengthen.

Little girls love these small bags - make it with a long handle they can wear slung across the body
For this easy purse you use only one stitch - garter stitch - which means you K every row. You can modify this pattern increasing or decreasing it in scale to make anything from the smallest purse to a pillow cover.

You need to adjust the needle size according to the type of wool you use - see the label on the yarn for the correct needle size.  There is no limit to the type of yarn you pick - none!

In the illustration is a clutch bag. I used pink eyelash yarn and fastened it with a large button.

Knitted Pink Clutch Bag in Eyelash Yarn
Knitting: Pink Clutch Bag in Eyelash Yarn


 1. Cast on 20 stiches

2. Knit in garter stitch for 9 inches

3. K2tog, at the beginning of each row, K to end. - This is the start of  your decrease and will form the flap of the bag. Repeat for 10 rows.

4. K 4 sts, yarn forward (to make button hole), K to end

5. K 3 more rows.

6. Cast Off

7. Sew in loose ends

8. Fold purse up leave about half an inch at the top to act as a flap

9. Sew seams together

10. Turn it inside out

11. Fold over flap to guage where the button goes

12. Sew on the button and you have a purse.

If you want you can line it with pretty material or felt before you sew the seams together.


Using two balls of wool so you get double strength , cast on 5 stitches and K the length you want.

Cast off and sew it to the bag.


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