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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Arm Knitting: Free Pattern for a Braided Infinity Scarf

Free Arm Knitting Pattern - Braid Stitch

arm knitting braid infinity scarf
This free arm knitting pattern puts a slightly different twist on it. I was fed up with the plain arm knitting and started experimenting - this braid type stitch is what I came up with. Knit this infinity scarf in about twenty minutes.
Arm knitting is easy and fast and all you need is some yarn and your arms - oh and about an hour of your time.  Once you start making these you can't stop.

I had a couple of mishaps along the way. First of all you really need thick yarn - this one uses four strands worked together.

To make a braid type stitch you need to work in groups of three. The first braid type one I tried I used 9 stitches and really didn't like the finish. It didn't help that I used thinish yarn

It is useful to let you see what it looked like  - bunches around  your neck it was okay but I confess this one ended up back as a ball of yarn.
How to make a braided stitch with arm knitting

9 stitch braided stitch with arm knitting
My second attempt was much more successful.

What you need to make this infinity scarf:

2 balls of Sidar Glam yarn - each ball is 100g or 40m


Cast on (bind on) 6 stitches - the best video on casting on for arm knitting is this one. 

I cast on to my right arm using this method. I like to give each stitch a twist before I transfer it to the new arm, it just makes it a bit tighter and neater. 
  1. You will need a tail of yarn long enough to create 6 stitches. Measure that by wrapping the yarn around your hand very loosely 7 or 8 times.
  2. Cast on 6 stitches to your right arm.
  3. Form a base row by straight arm knit first row. Hold the yarn from the ball of wool (NOT the tail) in your right hand, loop the first stitch - the one closest to your thumb - over your hand and over the yarn you are holding. This forms a new stitch. I like to give it a twist as I transfer it to my left arm.
  4. Continue with the remaining stitches until they are all on your left hand. 
  5. Mentally number your stitches number 1 to 6 starting at 1 with the stitch nearest your thumb. You will be working in two lots of three stitches to give it a braided look.
  6. Remember, hold your working yarn from the ball in the same hand the stitches are on. So loop stitch number 3 over your hand and the yarn to create a new stitch, twist it and transfer it to your right arm.
  7. Loop stitch number 2 over your hand and the yarn for a new stitch, twist and transfer.
  8. Loop stitch number1 over your hand and the yarn for a new stitch, twist and transfer.
  9. Loop stitch number 6 over to create a new stitch etc
  10. Loop stitch number 5 over etc
  11. Loop stitch number 4 over etc so you now have all 6 stitches on your right arm.
  12. Repeat in the opposite direction until you the end of the yarn. 
  13. Leave enough to cast off so keep an eye on it, nothing worse than having to unravel a row just because you don't have enough left. 
  14. The last row is a straight knit - knit stitch number one and two - then loop the second stitch over the first and drop it - just like you do with normal knitting. Just remember to slip the end of your yarn through the last loop to make a knot so it doesn't unravel.
  15. Sew or knot the ends together - I actually left the ends after knotting them as I liked the ribbon effect they create. 

Watch the video if you are unsure of how to cast off your stitches
infograph for arm knitting
infograph for arm knitting part 1
infograph for arm knitting
infograph for arm knitting part 2

how the braid stitch looks
There are lots of ways to wear your scarf - be bold and experiment. 

These two infinity scarves are for sale! 

Available in different colours - both in the UK and the USA

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