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Monday, 22 December 2014

Free Pattern for Triangular Bag or Purse

Simple Knitting Pattern for a Triangular Bag with Handles

triangular knitted purse or bag
knitted triangular bag
This is a very attractive triangular bag that teenagers love. The line down the center and the triangular shape is achieved by knitting three stitches together in the center of every alternate row.
You can make them as small or as large as you like - you adjust the size by increasing the number of stitches used, just add as many as you want proportionately, that is, you will need to add them in increments of 2 to keep the shape.
You can alter how it looks by the type of yarn you use. . In this illustration I have used yarn with two colors but there is a huge variety of yarn available to buy today. Check the label on your yarn to determine needle size. 
Alter the type of handles you use. The ones used in this illustration were girl's bangles I had in the house or you could buy handles and bangles from ebay or Amazon.
knitted triangular purses with bangle handles
Kids Knitted Triangular Purses

Free Knitting Pattern: Knit this Triangular Bag in an evening

Make Two of the following pattern
Cast on 39 stitches
ROW 1: K1 - *P1, Knit 1* to end. This is ribbing.
Attaching handles to knitted purse
Attaching handles to knitted purse
ROW 2: work in ribbing as set from the first row for 18 stitches then K 3 together (K3tog), work in ribbing to the end.
ROW 3: work in ribbing as set
ROW 4: work in ribbing for 17 stitches, K3tog, (this creates the center line) work in ribbing to end
Continue in this way, decreasing 2 stitches every second row, so you have 1 less stitch before and 1 less stitch after the centre line.
With 11 stitches remaining, Cast Off. This leaves a narrow tail to fold over to include the handles.
Sew up side seams - you can either sew them from the inside then turning it the right way out for a smooth finish or you can sew them on the outside perhaps using an different colour to create another effect - you have to be sure you can sew it up evenly and tidily if you do it this way.
Fold the top flap over to include a handles on each side.

knitting triangular shaped purse for kids
blue knitted triangular shaped bag

knitting triangular shaped purse for kids
tiger strip knitting triangular shaped purse for kids

knitting triangular shaped purse for kids
orange and white triangular shaped purse for kids        

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