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Friday, 19 December 2014

Free Knitting Pattern: Adjustable Neck Warmer for Men or Women

How to make a cosy neckwarmer for her or him - get creative

Adjustable Neckwarmer
Are you looking for some handmade gift ideas. Here you will find a free knitting pattern for a neckwarmer that would make a great gift for him or her. This is an easy pattern that can be adapted for her or him.  Even a beginner can make this in a few hours.

I knit - a lot. I find kniting relaxing and it is so satisfying to see something grow beneath your hands. It also makes me feel less guilty about sitting watching the TV and of course it is a God-send when I can't get to sleep at night. I like to give personal gifts at Christmas and these are often hand knitted things. They are always appreciated since people seem to like that you have created something just for them.
But... as everyone with a creative hobby knows, there comes a point when you produce far more than you can reasonably give to friends and family.
That is the point when you realise you have to stop - or find a way to profit from it. In this article I have included tips on learning to knit as well as tips on how to make money by working at home, how to turn a hobby into paid employment.
Photo credit - 'knitting' by AnnMackieMiller

Free knitting pattern: Easy neck warmer

Can be for lady or gent

You can choose whether this super neckwarmer is for a lady or a man by the type of wool (yarn) and the buttons you pick. It is a very versitile style because you can change its look by the way you fasten up the buttons - see flikr photos.
for this particular one I have used Aran Wool and size 5 straight knitting needles - number 8 in the US.
gauge doesn't matter.
there is no need to make button holes as the pattern will form these naturally.

Adjustable Neck Warmer: Knitting Pattern

Cast on 60 stitched
Row 1 - knit until last stitch - yarn forward and slip last stitch purlwise onto needle. This should provide a tidy edge for your work.
Row 2 - knit 2 together twice - *[yarn forward, Knit1] repeat [ ]4 times
[knit 2 together] repeat [ ] 4 times* - repeat * to * to last 4 stitches, knit 2 together twice.
Row 3 - knit into back of first stitch then purl to last stitch, yarn forward, slip last stitch purlwise onto needle.
Row 4 - knit into back of first stitch, knit to last stitch, yarn forward, slip last stitch purlwise onto needle.


Repeat pattern until neckwarmer measures 18 to 19 inches - it should fit snugly but not tightly around your neck.
Cast off on knit 3rd Row.
Sew buttons on to correspond with middle holes.
You can produce a completely different look by changing the yarn you use or the size of the needles you use.
In the photo, this is the same pattern made into a ladies cowl and a more lacy effect by using thinner yarn and large needles - size 8 (11US)

Knitting is the IN hobby

I'm in with the IN crowd!

I spent years hiding the fact that I knit. When I was young it was something only the poor people did because they couldn't afford to buy clothes. The truth was that was most of the population but that was neither here nor there. But in all honesty, I liked knitting!
It is a different story now - knitting is popular again. There are knitting circles, knitting cafes and knitting pubs springing up all over the place. I'm not quite sure who first coined the phrase, Stitch and Bitch, but these are sweeping the country. Quilting circles have been common in the past but now they extend to knitting. In cafes, bars and private homes people are getting together to knit and talk. From beginners to experts, they are all there. Some come to learn to knit, to pick up tips from the experts, others come for the company. And it isn't only the women - many men are taking up the passtime too - yes even in public.
Photo: Handbag and scarf: both the photo and the items by AnnMackieMiller

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