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Saturday, 6 December 2014

How to Finger Knit a Necklace

finger knit necklace
finger knitted cord necklace

How to Finger Knit a Cord Necklace

If you would like a fast project with instant gratification, finger knitting could provide an answer. 

I discovered this recently and I'm hooked. OK so it can be a bit restrictive in variety, but there are plenty of options available for beginners. I'm told kids love it. 

First of all watch one of the many videos on YouTube on how to finger knit - their illustrations are much better than mine. 

This is one of the best tutorials -   some tutorials tell you to make a slip stitch to begin but I have found that leaves an untidy huge loop when you are finished so I prefer this method. 

To make a finger knit cord

The necklace in the image is made up of one long finger knit cord - I adapted this tutorial slightly and only used two fingers to knit with which gave me the cord effect.

  • Use only your index finger (pointer finger in US) and middle finger and start as before. 
  • Hold the tail end of your yarn between your pinkie and ring finger to hold it secure
  • Start with wrapping the yarn over your index finger from back to front.
  • Take it under your middle finger
  • Wrap it over your middle finger
  • Then under your index finger so you form a figure of eight. 
  • When you have two loops on your fingers, hook the one nearest your palm over the first and drop it off your finger. 
  • Pull on the tail end to tighten. Pull down gently on the cord as it forms so you keep it tight.
  • Repeat till your cord is as long as you want it to be. 
how to make a finger knit cord
How to make a finger knit cord
how to make a finger knit cord
how to make a finger knit cord

Make the cords as long as you want - you will be wrapping it around to make the multiple chain effect you see here. I made them all equidistant but you can vary that if you want. The one in the photo above looped nicely into 4 chains. I made the flower from this video and used it to disguise the join and to hold the necklace together.

I actually used this to wrap around a parcel for a friend's birthday gift. 

Let me know if you try this and how it worked out for you. 
Bright blessings

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