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Saturday, 6 December 2014

How to knit a snuggle rug

Free Knitting Pattern: Snuggle Rug

Easy project for beginners
snuggle rug knitting pattern
Snuggle Rug - Free Knitting Pattern

Furry Throw that won't disgrace you.

To knit this throw, knit in blocks of 9 as described below and sew them all together to your own required size. I then knitted a plain band to go all around the rug. It is all knitted in stocking stitch, that is, every row is a knit row, the patterning lies in the yarn.
For each block you will need:
Eyelash or other 'furry' yarn - 3 balls in main colour and 2 in the other. For convenience I will call them Ball A and Ball B.
A pair of 7mm knitting needles. 10 1/2 in the US.
With 7mm needles, cast on 20 stitches with Ball A, then 20 stitches with Ball B, then 20 stitches with Ball A
Tip - to keep them all separate you can put each in a plastic bag tied with a rubber band leaving enough space for the yarn to come out.
Knit each row for 26 rows, keeping the colours correct.
Tip - to keep the colours tight together, where they meet knit both together for two or three stitches and pull tight.
After 26 rows, change colours so it goes Ball B, Ball A, Ball B
continue as before for 26 rows
After 26 rows, change colours back to the original, Ball A, Ball B, Ball A
Knit for 26 rows and cast off.
Knit as many blocks as you want then sew them all together.
black cat
Baily my lucky black cat loves the snuggle rug

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